Do you Dream of Owning Your Own Home?
But can't get through bank approval?
Our Home.Ownership.Made.Easy. program is more than a rent-to-own opportunity. It is designed to do more than just help you get the whole home down payment together in three years. Since our company specializes in credit recovery, with 28 powerful programs to help people overcome life obstacles, this Rent-To-Own program will also build your credit rating to bring you the best mortgage rate approval possible at the end of the term!
If you have good income and a steady job we can help you move your family into almost ANY home for sale that you choose, in as little 90 days! .... regardless of your credit situation, its easier than you think!

Our creative buyer financing programs work - it's that simple. As pioneers in the consumer advocacy, our programs like Rent-To-Own have been successfully helping people recover their peace of mind from unmanageable debt to build strong financial foundatons for 10 ten years.

You Get Great Future Building Benefits!
♥   Choose which home and where you want live!
♥   Make your rent payments work for your own future.
♥   Build equity, and Build Your Savings.
♥   Have time to repair or establish credit.
♥   Feel the freedom of owning your own home.
♥   There is no landlord to fight with.
♥   There is no fear of moving if the landlord sells.
♥   And obviously there is no rent increases to expect.
♥   Get title of your dream home in your own names.
You Can Qualify for Rent to Own - Contact Us Today!
♥   Be approved, no credit score is too low.
♥   Our plan assists with repairing your credit.
♥   Requires a deposit applied to your 2 or 3 year program.
♥   Our plan builds the balance of your downpayment.
♥   By end of the program the title will transfer to you.
♥   Choose any home anywhere and you negotiate closing date,
   + price + chattels + can do purchase price plus improvements.
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We can help you grow
into home ownership if you:

♥   have difficulty saving a down payment,
♥   are self-employed,
♥   have less than perfect credit,
♥   have no established credit,
♥   are new to the country,
♥   have been in a consumer proposal,
♥   have been bankrupt.